Mardin, from Envision Mobile, helps you build engaging, sustainable and profitable relationships with your customers and partners.

Mardin offers deep understanding of the loyalty drivers that allow engagement with your partners and customers to sell more, stay engaged your brand longer, resulting in your success.

With pervasive mobile phone usage worldwide and the need for immediate and real-time services, Mardin allows your partners to create and customers to receive instant, time sensitive and personalized rewards and loyalty offers in an Omni channel environment. End users can view and redeem offers, view account balances and transaction history in real-time on their device and medium of choice.


Advanced Rewards & Loyalty Platform

Mardin is one of the most advanced loyalty platforms available in the market powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based neural networks. Mardin allows seamless integration of customer’s transaction and interaction data to deliver a multi-dimensional view of the customer. It captures the right data points across platforms to help marketers influence behavior and build lasting relationships.

Application Features:

Mardin is one of the most advanced loyalty platforms available in the market powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based neural networks available in the market that allows enterprises to build engaging, rewarding and long lasting customer relationships in an Omni channel world.

Offer Types:

Mardin allows our customers the most breadth and depth of offer management capabilities. Key offer types include but not limited to:

  • Evergreen Offers
  • Special Offers
  • Recommended Offers
  • Latest Offers
  • Limited time Offers
  • Mobile Only Offers
  • Beacon Offers

Mardin – Salient Features:

  • Multi-tenant architecture that enable enterprise to host, administer, manage, and control multiple Partners using one unified platform.

  • Built-in Personalization Engine, Recommendation Engine and Presence Engine to deliver location and user centric rewards and offers.

  • Partner life-cycle management such as account registration, account management (i.e. create, edit, delete, activate, suspend), email notification, with multiple factors of security.

  • Program management that enable "Partner" to create, manage, publish/un-publish layers of offers. Using a wizard-based GUI, program can be defined and include the following attributes:

    • Program ID (e.g. Promotion Code), program name, program description, program start and end date, time, & time zone.
    • Offer associated category, offer title, offer description, offer types. offer T&C, offer graphics & icons, and offer keywords & tags.
    • Promotion occurrence, promotion start and end date & time, promotion refresh time interval, promotion delivery channels (e.g. email, push, SMS, web banner).
    • Add offer, copy offer, delete offer, activate/deactivate offer.
    • Offer Survey that administrator uses to define customer feedback form for customers to rate their shopping experience, provide comments, upload photos, and view responses/replies from the partner (i.e. retailer of the offer).
    • Duplicate survey from built-in survey template and use it for customization
    • Add survey, copy survey, delete survey, activate/deactivate survey.
    • Order questions in the survey form.

  • Personalized Dashboards for Partner and Administrator. Through the various view of Dashboard, the user can obtain real-time information on:

  • Number of users who accessed the site today.
  • Cumulative number of users who accessed the site this year.
  • Cumulative rewards amount this year.
  • Most popular offers.
  • Most popular partners.
  • All active offers.
  • All active partners and much more.

  • Feature Control to easily and quickly "turn on" and "turn off" features, in real-time

  • Robust Administration whereby administrators can use the Feature Control to easily and quickly "turn on" and "turn off" features, in real-time, that the user can see/use.

    • Administrator can use the Security Group Control to easily and quickly setup security group that is used for access control of features that the "Tenant" can see/use.
    • Administrator can use the various email templates to customize communication such as registration, password reset.

Mobile Centric

Mardin is a mobile centric product. Mardin deliver real-time rewards to the mobile users based on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • User location
  • User preferences
  • User behavior
  • User history
  • and many more.
Mardin utilizes the power of next generation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based neural networks and combines that with sophisticated presence engine, personalization engine and analytics to ensure that users see the most relevant, engaging and optimal rewards.

Such a high degree of personalization allows not only a significantly higher adoption and usage of rewards but builds unrivaled loyalty to the business.

Furthermore, with Mardin, large businesses with multiple partners can now enable their partners to create, manage and analyze offers and rewards in real-time from their mobile devices.

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  • Drive Loyalty whenever and wherever – Securely
  • Generate More Revenue by delivering new offerings
  • Build Engagement by offering user centric rewards
  • Gain Competitive Edge to differentiate the services
  • Holistic Technology Robust Technology Platform delivers a future proof technology that seamlessly integrates to enterprise systems.
  • Personalization engine to ensure that rewards and offers are tailored to each user based on their location, behavior and profile.
  • Scalable to address consumer and business markets
  • Measurable results with real-time reporting for KPIs
  • User Centric Rewards with rewards that are tailored for them
  • Secure and worry free
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